Practical and elegant, in many different combinations, for the mountain or the sea or just for everyday use

Bottle Opener Keyring

10,50€ (Including tax)

Expedition Natur τσέπη μαχαίρι 3 σε 1

4,95€ (Including tax)

Keyring Key Tool

11,00€ (Including tax)

Minimulti Πολυεργαλείο True Utility

17,90€ (Including tax)

Multi tool 18 in 1 HandyMan True Utility TU 181

39,90€ (Including tax)

Multi tool 9 in 1 Seven TU180 True Utility

17,90€ (Including tax)

Multi tool Clever Key Troika

18,00€ (Including tax)

Multi Tool NailClip Kit True Utility TU215

15,50€ (Including tax)

Munkees Bottle Fish Bone

7,50€ (Including tax)

Munkees Bottle Hex Tool

7,50€ (Including tax)

Munkees Bottle Pug

7,50€ (Including tax)

Munkees Corkscrew

12,90€ (Including tax)